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Miller Coffee: The story so far

Our journey started back in the autumn of 2018 during a conversation with my dad. We had just had dinner and were not really enjoying the coffee we’d been served – we reckoned, jokingly at that time – that we could do better ourselves! Never one to resist a challenge we set about creating a coffee which we thought other people would enjoy… or to coin a phrase .. we wanted to create “possibly the best coffee in the world”.

The first step was to meet roasters at a company in Clydebank who would make that perfect cup of coffee which we aspired to. This involved choosing the beans we wanted to use and experimenting with the roasting times and then setting up tastings of the various combinations. This is where my dad, Michael Miller Senior, came into his own – being the chief taster for Miller Coffee. He had a few moments of pure coffee overload and we had to tweak the coffee a few times to get what we wanted.

Thereafter, we decided to create another, slightly stronger, coffee and had samples of various beans with various roasting times prepared for tasting; these were labelled A to E. We both agreed that Miller B was fantastic but not quite perfect and, remembering our catchphrase: “Miller Coffee goes the extra mile to create the perfect cup of coffee”, we asked for that bean to be roasted just a little bit longer. Miller B+ was born! (Now nicknamed “The Mighty Miller” by my mother-in-law.)

Finally, we wanted to create an instant freeze-dried coffee for potential customers who don’t use cafetières or bean-to-cup coffee machines or who enjoy a really good coffee but don’t always have time to spend preparing it. Again we spent some time blending and tasting before we were satisfied that we had a coffee that people would enjoy. Will it be “an instant success”? We certainly hope so!

Along the way we had set up meetings with website designers, with imagery and product designers who would design our logo and with a product design team who designed totally recyclable packaging for our various coffees.

It was a proud day when we went home with our first bag of coffee in its rustic brown paper pouch. A surprising day too for our wives – my mum, Lorna and my wife, Alison – who had no idea what we had been getting up to on our trips to  Clydebank, Dundee and during  several conference calls to London with the packaging department. They have since been enjoying the perks of having a constant supply of delicious coffee at home.

In the last few months, there have been further exciting developments and a few changes! Many customers enjoyed Christmas gifts of one or all of the three coffees; gift sets were created which included Brewlie, the Miller lion – so called after we ran a competition to name him. However, the biggest change was our decision to create a new bean blend which we have named “Gie it Laldy 500”. The name derives from a Scottish phrase which can be translated as: “Give it all you’ve got” alongside the name of the coastal tourist route in my home region in the far north of Scotland – the North Coast 500; this route comprises 516 miles of the most breathtaking scenery. It is so breathtaking, in fact, that it has been dubbed: “one of the greatest road trips in the world”.

The coffees now available are:

  • The Mighty Miller – 500 gm pouches of Miller B+ for cafetières and espresso machines
  • Miller dry freeze instant – 500 gm. This provides approximately 277 cups of delicious coffee
  • “Gie it Laldy 500” – I kg of beans
  • “Gie it Laldy 500” – 250 gms of ground coffee for use only in cafetières

These coffees are currently being served in coffee shops and restaurants mainly in Fife and Caithness; they are on sale in J&A Mackay’s store in Thurso to whom we are indebted for their support in this new venture. They can also be ordered online at

We are currently expanding our range to include delicious Miller chocolates created by Coco Chocolatiers of Caithness. These will be available in our Valentine’s Day gift sets which we are currently preparing and on request for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.

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