Miller Coffee are fans off adding coffee into cocktails and we contacted John to ask him a few questions. Previously a General Manager of some top spots in the Scottish capital – Edinburgh, he has lot’s of experience. We asked him his favourite coffee cocktail, now this does sound a bit lush!! Here is what John has to say :


What were you doing and what are you doing with yourself now?

“I got into bartending while studying in Edinburgh just as a bit of spare cash really, which soon developed into a love for the energy that being a bartender gives, in particularly at Lulu Nightclub. Roll on a few years and I got my first management role at a cocktail bar which sadly no longer exists, and from there I have managed gin bars, craft beer bars and even Lulu itself. I have since moved to Inverness where I am launching myself and my brand (An Honest Bartender) offering something I feel is missing in the Highlands, a total package of hospitality solutions from bartending to cocktail menu creation to business development to (the best bit) tasting sessions.”

Come on tell me your favourite coffee cocktail?

“So, I’m not one for drinking loads of coffee, however using fresh coffee in cocktails is one of my favourite ingredients purely for the bitterness and different blends offer different qualities – I particularly love the chocolate heavy blends. So my favourite coffee based cocktail has to be one called ‘A La Tiramisu’ which as the name suggests is modelled on the classic coffee desert – creamy, coffee, chocolatey but boozy!”


Give us a master class on how to create your favourite coffee cocktail. Hopefully the steps are easy!

“Pour a large glug (50ml) of a dark rum, 50ml double cream, one measure of fresh espresso (37.5ml), 12.5ml vanilla sugar, 12.5ml chocolate liqueur (I’d recommend Mozart Gold) into a shaking vessel (jam jar, cocktail shaker) with some ice and shake it hard until your hands are cold. Put ice in your favourite tumbler and pour the drink over the ice. Should be nice and frothy so shave a little chocolate over the top (I really like using the small chocolate twirls you get in M&S or Lakeland).”