Miller Coffee :  A cup above the rest.

We started out in 2018, starting to roast different coffee and trying to create “possibly the best coffee in the world” – we have roasted and blended so many coffee`s but we would not roll out our coffee until we were 100% positive it was the right one. We narrowed it  down 7 roasts labelling them A to G , with b being our favourite but not yet perfect, we added a little longer roasting and Miller B+ was born – a rich, full flavoured, luxurious coffee that is so smooth. if you are a real coffee fan? you must try this.

One of the best drives in the UK? or the world? NC500 ( North Coast 500) we wanted to created a blend with this fabulous drive in mind, ” Gie It Laldy” came to mind, we set out to make a blend fit for this name, by name by nature this coffee was created using Brazilian, Ethiopian and Vietnamese beans, roasted dark and this coffee is magnificent, extravagant and packs a punch – a fantastic coffee for the morning coffee lovers.

People on the go or without a coffee machine still need coffee, we invested heavily on getting a instant coffee made, we created our first ever instant coffee that is dried frozen and a coffee that is as close to a real cup, the dried frozen Miller Coffee is Exceptional i would really suggest you give it a go.

Dark As The Earl Of Hell`s waistcoat was born – 2020 – a new dried frozen coffee, this has hints of the devil about each cup, hints of caramel, rich full bodied dried frozen coffee that makes you want another cup. This devil is an angel to for your taste buds.

Miller Coffee tins holding around 500g are now available also the lush Miller Coffee travel mugs are available on the website.

Gift sets are also available all year round, guaranteed way of putting a smile on someone you loves face.

Please give our coffee a go. Love coffee? LOVE. MILLER COFFEE

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